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( Integrated Performance Analysis of Computer Systems )

Benchmarks for distributed computer systems

What is the scope of the IPACS project ?

IPACS wants to define a new basis for benchmarks measuring system performance of distributed systems. The goal is to develop methods of measurement based on new applications, low level, and grid benchmarks, which also allow performance prediction. A further significant element of the new benchmark environment is represented in the usability of the benchmarks. Mechanisms for the automatic installation and execution of benchmarks are being strived for and grid benchmarks, which also allow performance prediction.

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IPACS Quick Launch

06/2006: IPACS Book published
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IPACS-Benchmark - Integrated Performance Analysis of Computer Systems (IPACS)
Michael Krietemeyer, Matthias Merz [Eds.]
ISBN 3-8325-1253-5, Logos Verlag Berlin,
212 Pages, 2006, English, Price: 39.00 Euro

04/2006: BOF Session at the ISC 2006 in Dresden (www.supercomp.de)
The IPACS BOF Session will take place on Wednesday 28. June 2006 from 18:00 - 19:30
More information about the IPACS BOF Session could be found here.

02/2006: IPACS has spawned a new sub-project 'Autopar'
Autopar is an extension of the GNU autotools with respect to different mpi versions, parallel operating environments and batch systems.

More Information are available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/autopar/.

01/2006: BOF Session at the ISC 2006 in Dresden, June 28-30, 2006
In the IPACS BOF Session at the ISC 2006 in Dresden (www.supercomp.de) the IPACS experts will present the IPACS benchmark execution environment, the comprehensive IPACS benchmark suite and new methods for performance modeling and performance prediction. More Information are available here.

11/2005: IPACS @ SC|05 in Seattle

09/2005: IPACS article published at PIK 03/05
An article about the IPACS Benchmark Suite, Performance Modeling and Prediction Methods and the Benchmarking Environment has been published in the PIK journal (Praxis der Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation), Vol. 03/05, pp. 150-160. For more information please visit K.G. Saur Verlag GmbH.

06/2005: New benchmark client available for download
To fascilate the execution of IPACS benchmarks please use our new IPACS client, which is implemented as a Java GUI application. The client software can be downloaded here.

06/2005: IPACS at ISC2005, June 21-24 2005 in Heidelberg, Germany

Visit the project partners of IPACS at ISC2005 in Heidelberg, Germany. Ask our experts about the project and learn about the new benchmark client.

11/2004: IPACS at SC2004 in Pittsburgh, PN
The IPACS project has been presented at SC2004 in Pittsburgh, PN during the TOP500 BoF session. Additionally flyers about the project have been distributed at this event.

 Download flyer (691 KB)
 Download presentation (1,98 MB)

10/2004: 'The Design of the IPACS Distributed Software Architecture' - Publication about the IPACS software architecture
Presentation at the 2nd Workshop on Distributed Objects Research, Experiences & Applications (DOREA 2), June 16-18, 2004, Las Vegas, USA in 3rd International Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies.

 Download publication (1,57 MB)

6/2004: 'The IPACS project - a new benchmarking environment' presented at ISC2004 in Heidelberg, Germay
The IPACS project partner has been invited to present at the ISC2004 tutorial 'Performance in HPC: Evaluation, Modeling, Benchmarking and Prediction' in Heidelberg.

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