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To fascilate the execution of IPACS benchmarks we provide a Java GUI application (called IPACS client) for your convenience. This application will assist you in

  • the determination of the hardware and software configuration of your high performance computer (HPC),
  • the selection of suitable benchmarks (binaries or source) for your situation,
  • the execution of the benchmarks on your HPC,
  • the comparison of your benchmark results with results in the IPACS repository.

In case you have questions or need help in running the IPACS client have a look at the help pages or the frequently asked questions. If you find bugs or have suggestions please report them to support at ipacs-benchmark dot org (replace at by @ and dot by .).

To download the Client and run it yourself just click here: Client.jar  (release candidate 04 Jan 2011 11:56:10).
Then execute java -jar Client.jar and follow the steps explained by the IPACS client.

To execute the Client with Java Web Start (JWS) just click here: Installer.jnlp. Note: Java Web Start will only work under Windows or on Linux with kernel 2.4, it is broken on 2.6. kernels.

Disclaimer: The IPACS client is not jet completely finished. Please revisit and update the client from time to time. The Java source code of the client can be requested from support at ipacs-benchmark dot org (replace at by @ and dot by .).

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